2022 resolution


1. Connect to more people

2. Help at least one founder or student each week

3. More date nights with wife

4. Eat well and exercise

source: Calorie Calculator
No Exercise (Source: Calorie Calculator)
Exercise 3–4 days/week (Source: Calorie Calculator)

5. Read to Nehaan everyday

6. Investment goal

7. Take empty calendar day

8. Read my “bookmarked” books

9. Family hangout/outing/activity

Personal tracking KPI

Professional (personal level)

10. Complete data science bootcamp with Python

11. Get six sigma black belt (SSBB)

12. Become active in IEEE power electronics Philadelphia

13. Become active in TMS Functional Division

14. Publish a review article in peer reviewed journal

15. Publish professional blogs on materials and magnetics

Professional KPI tracking




I love to solve problems and move on

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Pint Salt

Pint Salt

I love to solve problems and move on

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