2022 resolution


1. Connect to more people

I (we) have been in a pseudo-isolation status since 2020. It might be true for many people around the globe, but it is not healthy nor useful. My goal of 2022 would be going out more with people and have lunch/dinner/ drink with friends.

2. Help at least one founder or student each week

I always have been trying to help people with potential. Never tried to quantify it, but I believe it will be helpful for mental serenity, if I can track my altruistic side. I have no intention or expectation of return of favor from any of them, it’s just to keep myself motivated to help more and more people.

3. More date nights with wife

This is an interesting concept. This is trivial that we always spend time together, but it would be an interesting thing if we get to date more. I bought her an interesting gift- 100 ideas scratch book for dates. We will pick at least a few every month.

4. Eat well and exercise

This is more generic and almost everyone wants it. But with the age graph going upward, ability afford more unhealthy dine upward and ability of metabolize going down- the goal should be eating clean and well. My BMR looks like 1.77 kCal/day.

source: Calorie Calculator
No Exercise (Source: Calorie Calculator)
Exercise 3–4 days/week (Source: Calorie Calculator)

5. Read to Nehaan everyday

This is one of the most important things for the brain development of little kids. Although his mother always reads every night, I will read him every night.

6. Investment goal

With a new member in the family, my in-laws/parents visiting yearlong and Taskin being on unpaid leave, it will be low saving year. My goal is to save $2000/month in first six months and $3000/month in last six months. That will accumulate as $30,000 saving by the end of the year, among which $5,000 will go towards donation/ Jakat/Misc. I should receive $9,000 additional funds from different sources. My goal is to invest $25,000 in VTI/VOO and $6,000 in Metaverse stocks (Apple, Qualcomm, Microsoft and Autodesk) and $3,000 in Amazon.

7. Take empty calendar day

This would be one weekend when I would not work or do any family duty. I will go to a hotel/airbnb to stay all by myself or roam around. This is a hard concept to implement, but I believe it will be worth it to clear off my head.

8. Read my “bookmarked” books

This is a lofty goal considering my daily schedule and family commitments. However, I should not procrastinate to do this, since I like doing this. One way to implement this would be read a few pages every weekend and every night while I go for sleep.

9. Family hangout/outing/activity

How to measure: Quantify number of outing/week

Professional (personal level)

10. Complete data science bootcamp with Python

I want to be prepared for the next-gen materials science and the focus is going from intuitive materials design to semi quantitative (intuitive+ data driven). The best way to do that would be taking a few Stat and Python classes to get used to data science application in Materials Engineering.

11. Get six sigma black belt (SSBB)

I want to learn more about process control and scaling up production and quality control. Six sigma Black Belt certification is a hard one to get, but it will definitely help me to learn more through the academic process (which I will practice at my workplace)

12. Become active in IEEE power electronics Philadelphia

I should be more active in the space where my customers are meeting. This year would be a starting point in IEEE PE local meets.

13. Become active in TMS Functional Division

TMS is an elite organization for Metallurgist, specially people with functional materials background.

14. Publish a review article in peer reviewed journal

I want to keep publishing to keep myself sharp and updated, and also keep going up in the thought leadership role in the industry. My goal is to publish 1–2 review articles this year.

15. Publish professional blogs on materials and magnetics

This will also be part of my goal to keep myself sharp and also, to place myself in the thought leadership role. In today’s world distribution is decentralized and it will be more decentralized.

Professional KPI tracking



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