Pint Salt

Walking through Nehaan’s first three months on earth

Our angel just arrived in the world. I went to the table to say hello. He was born on October 16th, 2021 at 8.28 pm at Lankenau Medical Center at Wynnewood. He was 3 lb 11 Oz at birth.

Nehaan’s first photo taken in the earth [taken on 10/16/21 ~8.35 pm]

They brought him to NICU…

Any win gives a boost to your ego that “yes, you can do it!” We received a non-dilutive grant award of $100K from Delaware Small Business unit of Governor’s office. Last I checked they have approx. 300 applicants to pick 5 winners (1.6% success rate). If not anything, it’s a big moral boost for the team!

Jared, Whitney and me receiving the certificate from Governor Carney

There are moments when nothing is working. It is the moment of acid test. The product development is going awful right now. We produce good quality powders sometimes, but not repeatable with every run. Suddenly the powder producing reactor is down and I assume a 2-weeks downtime in this critical…

Pint Salt

Pint Salt

I love to solve problems and move on