Personal and professional goals


1. Connect to more people

I (we) have been in a pseudo-isolation status since 2020. It might be true for many people around the globe, but it is not healthy nor useful. My goal of 2022 would be going out more with people and have lunch/dinner/ drink with friends.

How to…

When the housing marking will be cool?

Fed recently announced that they will reduce quantitative easing by half from March 2022, and they will increase interest rate thrice in 2022, twice in 2023 and 2024 each. Currently, the rate is ~0% as a after effect of COVID market crash in…

Walking through Nehaan’s first three months on earth

Our angel just arrived in the world. I went to the table to say hello. He was born on October 16th, 2021 at 8.28 pm at Lankenau Medical Center at Wynnewood. He was 3 lb 11 Oz at birth.

Nehaan’s first photo taken in the earth [taken on 10/16/21 ~8.35 pm]

They brought him to NICU…

2021 was kind to us!

We got the most precious gift of our lifetime- Nehaan! He made us feel important than ever! We got the Green card after nine years in the US. Anyone who went through the immigration hoops (specially in the USA) knows how rewarding it is! Our…

Any win gives a boost to your ego that “yes, you can do it!” We received a non-dilutive grant award of $100K from Delaware Small Business unit of Governor’s office. Last I checked they have approx. 300 applicants to pick 5 winners (1.6% success rate). If not anything, it’s a big moral boost for the team!

Jared, Whitney and me receiving the certificate from Governor Carney

There are moments when nothing is working. It is the moment of acid test. The product development is going awful right now. We produce good quality powders sometimes, but not repeatable with every run. Suddenly the powder producing reactor is down and I assume a 2-weeks downtime in this critical time. My cores are either breaking apart or having no good insulation layer. The die started to act weird. Magnetic measurement system is acting strange time to time. We promised a product delivery in two months!

My son is in NICU. It’s been neve wrecking to go through this and the uncertainty of product development, at the same time. No place to vent, no additional help in personal life. Work-wise it is chaotic and getting help from employees to move on with the product development. I know time can be harder, but it is really hard!

Yesterday it was a great day,

The day before yesterday I had a party,

Today is nothing but things are going through the cracks,

That’s life, bitch!

One of the toughest thing of an engineering is building a new product to specs. We have done the scientific discovery and now working through processes to build the product is testing our patience.

Pint Salt

I love to solve problems and move on

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