My 2020 reflection

Family is what you have

I had a tumultuous 2020 like many others. Everyone has a different story. I was stuck in Bangladesh for seven months to get an H1-B visa. Taskin was all by herself in the USA. I was worried if I would ever be able to back on track with my career in the USA. There was a big cloud of uncertainty about life, career, and future plans (starting family, money, Adity’s career, etc.). In those months, I had two things that were going well for me. First, I had my parents with me and I always looked after them so that they don’t get sick. They were beside me the whole time. I couldn’t have been luckier. Second, I kept my job despite my staying outside the USA and the 20% layoff of FTEs.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best

I learned that I should have prepared for the worst more. In general, I am an optimistic person and I tend to have a bias towards positivity. I contemplated that I might get stuck for 1–2 months if I get a 221g background check, but I pushed myself to take the risk. I didn’t prepare for the worst.

However, I hoped for the best. Even when I was not sure when life was so uncertain in March/April/May, I invested 65–70% of my liquid assets in the stock market. I overall made ~$16,000 profit because of the risk. I hoped for a better day.

If I sum this up, I would say that I am financially more pragmatic than the lifestyle and social attitude. I will balance more in the coming years.