Nehaan in 2021

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Jan 2, 2022


Walking through Nehaan’s first three months on earth

Our angel just arrived in the world. I went to the table to say hello. He was born on October 16th, 2021 at 8.28 pm at Lankenau Medical Center at Wynnewood. He was 3 lb 11 Oz at birth.

Nehaan’s first photo taken in the earth [taken on 10/16/21 ~8.35 pm]

They brought him to NICU…

They wrapped him up to send to NICU. He didn’t need oxygen support, but due to his prematurity in birth, he was placed in NICU. The goal was that we would need to get enough weight (~4lbs), able to feed through bottle (no tube)
Meanwhile a nurse is teaching mom how to setup bottle for breast pump
Our first visit to NICU together on 10/16/21 at ~11.30 pm

Nehaan met his grandparents for the first time through videocall…

Dadi seeing Nehaan for the first time
Nehaan Nana-Nini for the first time…
Nehaan’s first time at NICU, 10/16/21, 11.45 pm
Is he trying to suck the thumb?
Our son is with full gear…raspatory and pulse sensor and tube for feeding. he also had an oxygen sensor in his feet. There is a giant monitor overhead to monitor 24/7
Nehaan’s incubator with cool LED light for reducing Bilirubin, 10/17/21
The look that was killing me when I was sitting outside the NICU. I missed this lad all the time…
Nehaan did hold my finger for the first time…
Nehaan’s “giant” pacifier….he used an interesting method to keep it in place. He used his IV hand as a supporting beam…
Feeding Nehaan’s 12 pm meal, 10/19/21
First day Nehaan had a real dress. We call this “Tipu Sultan” dress. The dress was provided by the NICU
Nehaan baba in my lap, 10/20/21
And yes of course, I was working full-time (!)… sometimes in the parents' room of the NICU and sometimes in the cafe
Yet again holding my hand, and with his first footie, 10/21/21
Oh this smile…., 10/22/21
Nehaan doing skin-to-skin, 10/24/21
Our sleeping king…10/25/21
And sleeping again…..10/28/21
Nehaan was transferred to an open incubator for the first time without controlled temperature, a small leap to graduate NICU
Nehaan started to take more from the bottle… taking step towards graduation
I love this baby ❤, 10/30/21
We heard the good news. Nehaan is graduating! We got a call from Doc. Kaplan that he will coming home on Halloween day. I am not crying, you are crying…. 10/31/21
Nehaan’s first car ride back home, 10/31/21, 2.55 pm
First feed at home, 10/31/21
Chilling with me, 10/31/21–11/1/21
Adda with Nanavai…11/1/21
Nehaan with Dadi (left) and Nanavai (Right), 11/4/21
Nurse is showing us how to trick him to do more tummy time… 11/5/21
Add with Dada, 11/7/21
He is so tiny….11/7/21
Nehaan’s first outing with us, 11/8/21
Nehaan at Dr. Langer’s office, 11/8/21
Life of a working dad, meeting+ feeding, 11/8/21
Nehaan is getting bigger, 11/12/21
I see you in my eyes, 11/13/21
STOP BRO, 11/15/21
Nana-Nini is here…..11/16/21
Nehaan in the last week November 2021
Nehaan took his first bath, 11/30/21
Nehaan went out to walk….12/1/21
We sleep alike…. 12/3/21
No caption, 12/5/21
First wore a (gentleman) pant… 12/5/21
Sleeping with Ma, 12/7/21
Massage by Nana followed by Tummy time, 12/7/21
Our king is taking bath, 12/7/21
Baba is growing, 12/15–12/16/21
Nehaan went with us to receive the award from Gov. Carney, 12/16/21
Nehaan enjoyed the outing with us, 12/16/21
Nehaan is loving the outing, 12/16/21
Sleep alike….12/16/21
I am chilling with Baba, 12/19/21
Aha so fun with Ma and baba, 12/21/21
Playing in the playmat, 12/24/21
Merry Christmas everyone, 12/25/21
Nehaan visited Saunders farm Christmas light, 12/31/21
I love chilling….in my cradle and in Baba’s lap…. , 12/30/21



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