Re: Kids in a party

Pint Salt
1 min readMay 1, 2023


I was telling my wife about a tweet I read few days back before we were heading towards a party:

I know how much I love my kids when I go to a party and see everyone’s kids.

It’s interesting. Kids are lovely and fun, but can be annoying and harmful too, depending on the situtions. We love our kids unconditionally, but the other kids? They need to win our love and its not easy.

We met a 10 year old boy in the party. I felt that most of the parents judged the parents of that kid based on his behavior in the party. It made me feel that we would need to make sure that we keep a tab on N to make sure he doesn’t do these. So what was the most unimpressive thing about that kid? Lack of empathy.

He was unempathetic to others, even unempathetic to younger kids in the party. He was loud and ignorant of others’ presence. It’s a learning for me that I need to keep an eye that N doesn’t become this some day.