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Things that kill sales of B2B companies

Three commonly made mistakes


There is a common mistake that organizations make when they try to say “we heard the customer” and try to sell the same freaking shit by twisting stories, good-looking PowerPoint slides, and bullshit promises without addressing the customer pain points. If your customer is telling you three times a day that your product is too pricey, then you solve this. If you can’t solve it, then stop selling for that vertical. If you keep hearing the same thing, then build something better.

No focus on content

Another common mistake of B2B marketing is the lack of understanding of what content means. Content doesn't mean advertisement and talks bullishly about your product. Marketing content should be well rounded, 360-degree, and talk about the customer’s problem. If you are a supplier of nut-bolts, you should talk about Boeing's joining issues and why a better bolt is necessary for a reliable airplane. If you are selling your service in the tech industry as a consultant, you should talk about the cybersecurity issues with different tech products and how those impacted the consumers.

Barking the wrong tree

This divulged from the self-bias issue. Some companies think that they got the point and because of their self-bias, they miss the real issue. They spend millions on the wrong stuff. If your customer is saying that your product is pricey and you keep building substandard value addition to the product without reducing the cost (in fact, raising the cost for the value addition), then you are doing yourself a disservice. It can’t go more south. Focus on the customer's voice and solve it, rather than fighting it.

I love to solve problems and move on