Top 16 learnings after spending three years in a billion dollar company

1. No company should be too big to execute innovation

2. Too many middle managers kills morale

3. Risk averse means you are putting yourself for long-term failure

4. Micromanaging is extremely discouraging for motivated employees

5. Hierarchical pride is a child play and only show that manager is vulnerable

6. Business model can’t be a playbook learnt in MBA school. Understanding market dynamics is important

7. Spending on R&D is extremely important for sustainable growth

8. Spend money wisely, but spend enough

9. Too much bureaucracy and red tape kills business growth

10. Employees can’t be respected based on rank

11. Ordering from ivory tower is easy. Execution needs real involvement of general

12. Backbiting is a part of corporate culture

13. Talk with data, show numbers, trust numbers

14. Communication is the key

15. Talent is overrated

16. Prioritization ruthlessly is what makes a team successful



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