What changed with COVID

COVID changed many things that are associated with our lifestyle. This is how it changed my lifestyle:

Daily-life changes


I used to get up at 7 am pre-covid. Took at 7.36 am bus from the apartment complex to the train station followed up by the train to the workplace. Reached the workplace by 8.15, brought breakfast from downstairs, and started my day at around 8.40 am.

Post-covid, I still get up at 7 am. My days changed drastically. After freshen up, I prepare my breakfast and do dishes. Doing dishes has been a consistent method for me to get some stretches in the morning. :) I try to start work by 8. That helps me to work 40 additional minutes each day on top of a clean sink. Think about it.

I save ~$150 monthly on transit passes, ~$75 on breakfast, and a good amount on health (no outside cheesy breakfast) :).


Pre-covid, I used to have lunch outside and spent~$200 a month. I went to the gym for a workout 2–3 days/week downstairs of the office building, which stopped with Covid.

Post-covid, I am eating at home. Saving approx. $100 plus adding a lot of healthy items on the consumption. It is a little overbearing though to have lunch prepped at home, I can’t thank my wife enough for her quick and healthy preps.


Pre-covid, I generally consumed two cups/16 Oz of coffee each day. My workday coffee consumption was billed on my employee for years. I got out of the door by 5.10 pm and took the 5.18 pm train from downtown Philly. I reached home at by~5.45 pm.

Post-covid, I am shutting down my laptop by 5–5.30 pm. So it’s almost the same timewise. However, I am less exhausted because I don’t have to travel at all. This helps me to work on additional things with more energy until 10 or 11 pm. One caveat is that since I am working from home, my coffee cost went up by $20/month.


In both cases, pre-and post-covid, I work on my pet projects in the evening. Post-covid, I have more energy since I have no travel at all and I am eating better. I try to do some workouts in the early part of the evening.

Lifestyle changes


Nothing changed in terms of the schedule for groceries. We go out for groceries on Saturdays. However, we have an increase in grocery cost, approx. 2x than before. Pre-covid, both of us had breakfast and lunch at restaurants. Now, we have both meals at home.

Restaurant and take-out order

This is the biggest change in our life. We used to eat twice a day out. Sometimes thrice a day. One weekend lunch and dinner. So out of 90 meals, we had approx. 70 meals outside. Now, we have only 10–12 dinners that we do take-outs or online orders. We are big with take-outs. We have not been to a restaurant for seating for a long time. Our restaurant bill is curved to less than one-third, which is a big plus for our financial bottom line and health.

Shopping for personal and household items

My wife is a big fan of physical stores and I am a big fan of online stores. I have been using Amazon religiously for years. Covid turned my wife into an online shopper. Most of our personal and household items were bought online except for a few IKEA items. Big kudos to Amazon!

Movie, series and other entertainments

The entertainment scene changed considerably after Covid. Pre-covid, we use to watch sporadic Netflix/ YouTube and maybe a movie in a theater once in a while. We used to go out to state parks once or twice a month.

We have spent more time together during covid. We watched a couple of movies each week. Once a week we drove through a state park. I was always a reader and Covid just increased it. There was a lot more to read with the vaccine news, the presidential election, and more. My wife became an avid nightly news watcher during covid. :)

Seating in a restaurant, hanging out with friends in a bar, going for a game or concert or movie, and hangouts with buddies.

  1. Life is precious. Time is more precious. Relationships are the most valuable. Anything else is disposable.
  2. Family is all that we have.
  3. Patience and persistence make you successful. Other traits are secondary.

I love to solve problems and move on