Why life is paradoxical?

It’s not an easy task to balance stuffs on an extremely high paced life. The “work- life harmony” ( coined by Jeff Bezos) is hard to execute. He preached that it’s relatively easy to work 60-hours a week for long term. I find joy on doing meaningful work even longer, but that collides with family life. This has been a pattern for almost eight/nine years. I get mimimim support for doing exotic thing that is out of the box. Everyone (including my parents) wants me to do a mundane job which would pay bills, but wouldn’t make me happy or stimulate my thoughts. At the end of the day nobody cares about your long-term vision and thoughts. On contrary, sometimes I feel some enthusiasm in my family for my work. I took it to heart mistakenly. It’s a moment of pleasure for them, but they don’t want to endure any sacrifice for the journey. For what it’s worth, it makes life super paradoxical. In one hand, people like me wants to do great stuffs, which needs above and beyond dedication. On the other hand, people like me also wants to have a great family life. The conflict is almost certain and it saddens me to core that I couldn’t yet balance that “work-life harmony”. Maybe one day!

I love to solve problems and move on